Monday, February 27, 2012

When things need to be done

You know that feeling when you're looking at your dirty clothes and really aren't feeling the whole cleaning process with washer, dryer and hanging up and ironing... I never heard of it.

Of course I have and it sucks big time! There's dirty clothes around me everywhere and I have a 100 other things that needs to be done... I have letters to be sent, people I need to talk to, things I need to sign up for, money I need to make.

Okay the last one wasn't true but it sounded pretty gangster so I'm gonna stick with it.

But wait! There's help for those in need of it!
I have one advice and one only. Because it works with a bit of will & discipline.
I got it from my dad when I was 6 years old:
"You might as well do it now, because later on, you'll regret not doing it."

I usually just sum it up to the Nike motto: "Just Do It"

And it's so funny because it's true!!

Next time you look at your pile of dirty clothes and have an extra hour of nothing - do it.

I dare ya.

btw this goes for decision-making too.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

No doubt, the weirdest day of my life

So going home from Hawaii was sad, bad and depressing...
But the sadness quickly got replaced by weirdness.

It all started when we arrived in San Francisco airport - my home for the next seven hours - my Danish room mate and I decided to see if we could leave the airport to go see the city.
Unfortunately we found out that driving there would take two hours back and forth.

Very depressed, we went back in again. This is where the first really weird thing happened: We were going towards my Victor's gate on those weird flat escalators (they're pretty funny if you're bored, which I was)
And I saw the sun just above the mountains to which I uttered: "Look Victor, the sun's going up!"
He then went silent and said: "Niels, it's going down..."
At first I just laughed because I was confused but he just kept looking at me with this face and I realized my inner clock was messed up bad.

At this point I was pretty uncomfortable with myself. I knew, if I closed my eyes I would wake up an hour later... You know that bad feeling you have right after an unexpected nap? Yeah I had that a couple of times during this trip...

2 hours before my departure from San Francisco I was waiting for one of my Swedish friends to come in from Hawaii and after some small talk he took out a pair of used underwear and looked me in the eyes: "Hey dude, we found Victor's underwear and since he's Danish we figured you're gonna see him again."
So that's how Niels ended up with another guy's used underwear in his bag...

When i finally arrived in Chicago airport I was waiting for my bags when this little kid started crying... I thought: "poor guy".
His mother then walked over to him and the little "bad word for a kid" started pointing at me?!!
I then established eye contact with the mother....
I swear, if eyes could kill...

As if that wasn't enough, on the way to the train station I had to pay 5 bucks for gas and when I walked into the store that's when the big finale was waiting.
First the lady handed me a receipt to which I replied: "Where's the pen?" After some awkward silence I realized it was a receipt and not one of those papers you sign after you pay with card.
Then I quickly said: "Have a good night"
It was 5 o'clock in the morning and I was telling myself: "fail, fail, fail..."

And that's not all! At the train station I had to wait two hours surrounded by homeless people.. I mean I was sad because it was harsh to look at but them but then two old guys starting pointing at me and my suit case mumbling stuff and the empathy quickly turned into mild fright...

For sure the weirdest day of my life... 30 hours of transportation, never again.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Beautiful Hawai'i

With a large portion of jetlag and a tiny bit of depression I'm home again from an amazing trip to the island of O'ahu.

We were around 10 boys and 50 girls. Not unusual for exchange students since, for some reason, there are always 5 females for each male exchange student.
I lived in room 1404 with the Dane, Victor and the two Swedes, Oscar & Erik.
Awesome guys, we fit well together. I could sense that after about 2 hours when our room already looked like sh*t and we just laughed instead of trying to clean up.

During that week we surfed on the beautiful beach of Waikiki, hiked to the top of the Diamond Head mountain of O'hau, ate at all kinds of places, trying all kinds of foods, got to know eachother better and a whole bunch of other things.
On Valentine's my room mates and I gave our guides (they prefer to be called monitors but who says that?)
Valentine's cards and it was fun especially because they decided to tatoo our names on their arms 2 days later!

We also visited Pearl Harbor - I remember when I saw the movie when I was like 8-years-old - it's a very beautiful place to mourn the dead and to remember what happened December 7. 1941...

But what made all these things even more awesome was the people I was doing it with! I'm trying to keep this
as non-cheesy as possible but to be quite frank I must say I'm already missing you guys.
Done, no more of that schtuff, it's a blog not a place to whine. I got a mom for that.

I'm putting pictures in a new window since there's too many and it seems more organizable than just throwing them in here randomly.

Aloha guys

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Just a brief post to sum up for the past days
IX12 - Top 100 International Exchange and Experience Blogs 2012
First I wanna say thank you guys for the support and for getting me on the top 100 list!!
When I received the mail saying that I was on it I was literally jumping from bed to bed yelling: "YEAH"

Then I'd like to tell you I'll be doing my first Vlog on Hawaii. That's gonna be... interesting...
Jokes aside I have a couple of ideas on how it's gonna go.

Third off - Hawaii is beautiful!! But I won't give you guys too much info on it - you're gonna have to wait for the Vlog to come out once I get home.

Last but not least, my Danish roomie and I wrote about the first day in a blog that's hosted by our organization and there's a bunch of cool pics and scthuff so check it out, link's down below.

Aloha and Mahalo (bye and thanks)

Link for Hawaii blog:

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Niels' List of Music 2012

So I thought it could be pretty fun to share my music with you guys based off my Itunes "most listened to" so here it is, enjoy:

A top 14 just sounded right in my head and they're all equally good.
My criteria for each song was that it had been played a thousand times and could be played a thousand more without getting boring. 

Monday, February 6, 2012


5 days till I'm heading to Hawaii - the land of Hulu dancing and ukuleles!

Actually it's a funny story how it came to be in February that I decided to go.
It all started on the Danish exchange-student facebook page where students can talk about experiences and problems and see if others relate.
See, I wanted to go in March but then one person wrote she would go in February. A month later we were like 5 people going from Denmark! I've met all of them back in Denmark and some in New York so I'm excited to catching up with them again after 6 months!
I'm really looking forward to the whole thing!! The weather, surfing, the environment, the people and when I come back I will make a song called "Teach me how to Hula"
Trust me. It'll be a one hit wonder!
                                 Me when I'm old and have become a world known Hula legend.

The Campout

Sorry for no promised updates but I've been out in the woods...
Fighting bears with my bare hands. Blindfolded.

Jokes aside - I wasn't blindfolded.
My youth group had organized an only-men/boys trip to a forest nearby for the weekend. It was killer! I really enjoy my youth group and the people in it! I mean it's one of those places where there's only nice people - you can speak your own opinion and some may oppose it but they still respect it. Too mature!! And then there's times where we just fool around, attack each other and tell bad jokes.

Inside the deep forest we had devotionals and talks. We had 'em a couple of times a day and we would talk and discuss subjects concerning being a Christian and following God.

Me being Danish, God's never been a very big picture in my life (no offense to those Danes who disagree), but seeing how serious these people take their religion fascinates me.
On the last night we were arranged in small groups with a leader in each. The leader asked us different questions about dreams, things we would do before we died etc.

I remember one of the last questions were: "What's your favourite color?" I answered "Blue".
He then asked me what I felt when I looked at the color and I said that I felt things like loyalty, tranquility and discipline.

Ask yourself what your favourite color is and ask yourself why.
What would you say if I told you that what you feel about your favourite color reflects what you feel about yourself?

Anychase it was an awesome weekend and it's weekends like those that makes me feel so privileged to experience different cultures in America and learning to understand them.
Someday I might be living here.

Friday, February 3, 2012

10th of June

That is the day I shall return to my home land. The ancient kingdom of Denmark.
What a weird and awkward feeling in my stomach.
On one side I look forward to seeing my family and my friends but there's something wrong in the equation.
What about the people here?!! My host family, my friends, my school and my cat?!!

It's like it ended before it even got to start... I know I still have 4 months left but if I'm right, they're going to fly by and feel like 4 weeks... *bad word*, it's like I feel I'm waisting my time if I'm not doing something every freakin' second. So much to see, so much I'm going to miss...

Anyphase before this gets too emotionel and I start whining, I just wanted to express this probably was the best decision I've ever made in my life. Better than that time when I chose to stay home and watch Disney movies instead of going to a concert. Yeah. Way better than that decision.

This is not my testament. Oh no, there's gonna be one, and it's gonna be loooooaooooaoaooaoaoooong. and emotional. Like "the Vow" emotional.

So basically I'm just whining about my departure date and the panic following.

And what the heck about the seniors I know? They're all going to college and I know I'm going back to Denmark so it doesn't make any difference, but I feel like they're leaving me and not the other way around!

That is all. :'( 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

American Influence

See, now why do people on my own age have to go ahead and get tattoos and drive cars and do all the things I can't do for another year? I can't help it but sometimes I imagine I'm driving the car when I'm sitting next to the driver...

And then there's the army. At first I was like: "Heck no, you get killed and stuff!"
But then I thought about it and it seems pretty awesome! I wish I could just go ahead and do it like my peers but no, no, no. I have to wait. and wait. and wait...

One of my friends just signed up for the next eight years and another doing it for the next 4 years and I don't know what people think about that but I think it's pretty dang bold to just go ahead and do such a thing!

And then there's the tattoos...
Dang it they just look so freaking cool and awesome and I could go on forever. My Mom would probably freak out but when I turn 18 it doesn't matter (unless she tells me to move out if I get one. Then I'm screwed...)

And there's a bunch of other things I'd like to do but these two are the one's roaming my head for the time being.

I just hope the next thing won't be the desire to joining the Circus.
All though it seems pretty interesting now that I think about it...