Monday, February 6, 2012


5 days till I'm heading to Hawaii - the land of Hulu dancing and ukuleles!

Actually it's a funny story how it came to be in February that I decided to go.
It all started on the Danish exchange-student facebook page where students can talk about experiences and problems and see if others relate.
See, I wanted to go in March but then one person wrote she would go in February. A month later we were like 5 people going from Denmark! I've met all of them back in Denmark and some in New York so I'm excited to catching up with them again after 6 months!
I'm really looking forward to the whole thing!! The weather, surfing, the environment, the people and when I come back I will make a song called "Teach me how to Hula"
Trust me. It'll be a one hit wonder!
                                 Me when I'm old and have become a world known Hula legend.

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