Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's on!

For those of you who have read the comments probably have an idea what this is about.
A website called http://www.lexiophiles.com have an annual contest where the top 100 exchange blogs are nominated, voted and chosen. Someone chose to nominate me and I have no clue who it is but thank you alot for nominating me!

Anyrays the fact that I got nominated made me think I better do my best and honor the nominator and everybody who feels the same way. That's also the reason I made some re-designs and improvements. That being said let's get this thing going!
I'll post every single day of the competition to give you a better feeling of my blog and what it's all about. If you liked what you read and you want to support me click the picture below and vote for my "Blog of Niels" or even subscribe to this channel if you like.

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On the website you just click on my blog, then go down and click the "vote" button it only takes like 6 seconds.
I literally tried to see how fast I could do it.

Btw I've made a "videos" page where videos of all sorts of things will be staying and I just uploadet a new one from Florida and if this is you're first time what are you still doing here? start scrollin'!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Florida, Baby!

I just got home from a one-week trip to Orlando, Florida and it was awesome!

At first I wasn't even sure if I wanted to go because that would mean I'd be really broke but I wanted to so badly I decided I was better off broke and brown rather than pale... and still broke. A month later I was all packed ready to go. Just going to the airport was a one-day trip haha. First my host-dad drove me halfway there to a French exchange student's house where I played Halo and slept for the night. The next morning his host-mom drove me to a random Best-Western where the shuttle bus picked me up and after a tiny nap I was at the airport. After I finally found the freaking meeting spot I realized how much I'd packed for the trip. Nothing. I had one small piece of luggage and my STS-backpack (black & yellow swagger).

We checked in, walked through security without any trouble and before I knew it we were on the plane on the way to sunny Florida! Gosh stepping off that plane was so weird?!! I could smell the warmth and I felt like we'd jumped right into Summer. I was dying to get outside and after much impatience and a tiny bit of whining we were outside driving to the hotel. Since I've never been to Florida my mouth was wide open most of the time in the start. The palm trees and the sunny weather and allright I'm gonna stop talking about that now.

The crew was starring two Germans, a Brazilian, one Tawainese, a Belgian, some Thai guy and I the Dane.
As it goes for chaperones and guides - they were all American haha. everyone were awesome but my room mate - the Thai guy - was kind of weird. Like scary weird.
Like: "Hey I'm from Bangkok, you know the hangover part 2?"

Anyshade we did all kinds of things and saw all kinds of stuff. We went to NASA Space Kennedy Center, Universal Studios (Harry Potter ftw), a minigolf course with a huge volcano in the middle that would go off every now and then (I did not jump up and scream like a little girl, releasing laughter from a bunch of retired people the first time it went off) & loads of more places!

I remember at one point we were at Clearwater beach and Ice, the Thai guy, decided to run around with food in his one hand making all the birds on the entire beach following him and it was hilarious until he started running towards me...

During the week we enjoyed learning interestin sentences in each other's languages. We would scream: "Você é gostosa" At all the Brazilians in Universal Studios. Explain our devotion for meat in Thai: "Gou Lak Saigon" Or something close to that I would rather not write it in Thai leaving it to the 0 people from Thailand reading my blog.

Long story short, awesome week, just plain bagel awesome. Thanks to the guys that went, you're awesome and thanks weather for not being crappy.

Recee's Piece!