Monday, September 5, 2011

Life in Indiana (I haven't realized I'm here yet)

So guys, it's been a while since my last update... Sorry
Anytaze lets get down to business shall we?

Family - They're awesome!!!
But you already know thaaaat! Still I had to throw this pic in.

I've been attending NJSP for 3 weeks now and the time has come for you to hear about the school of the blue jays

First day of school was scary man! But I was too excited to notice haha!
On the school bus, which was a freakin' rollercoaster in the start I met some of my fellow juniors and luckily we get along pretty well. In the school I was pretty stressed from the beginning - Where's my locker? There!
Where's my class? There! No! Where? There! Hi! Who are you again? Hi! Who? Hi I'm Niels! You don't know where Denmark is? Hi!
Basically all I did that day was trying to get to know people, learning my locker combination and get to class before it was to late. I thought: "omg if it's going to be like this every single day I'm gonna go down with stress" That day was filled with awesome people, stressfulness and lots of culture chok! When I got home I fell asleep immediately and suddenly it was Wednesday (We started on a Tuesday).
For everyday that passes I grow more accustomed to this! And I freaking love it!
I have the same schedule every day:
1. English 
2. Aide for Mr. Kellam (My math teacher)
3. Precalculus (Which is insane!!)
4. U.S. History (Ms. Miller is so funny)
5. Woodswork (Definitely the class where we laugh the most!)
6. Weight Lifting (You guys know that with these two big guns I'm unstoppable hah)
7. Human Anatomy (The wannabe-doctor's dream class!)

After this I'm running with the Cross-Country team and that schtuff is tough! But the team is wonderful so it doesn't matter. I haven't done enough practices yet to run officially but I went to my first meet unofficially in the worst heat ever! I thought I was gonna pass out but it went fine and we ended up showering Coach Chinworth with ice cold water!!
Every Friday our varsity football team plays and it's going good so far! We've won 2 games out of 3! 
What I didn't know was that this is a social event just as much as a game. I really like the games even though I have no clue what's going on but it's quite funny to see guys tackle each other while watching with friends!

I've soon been here for a month but yet I still get small moments of "Eeehh, am I in los Americo?"
I still haven't realised it but I also get moments of "This is gonna be the best year of my life."
Sorry for the qliché but there's a reason why it's one.

There's clearly too much to tell in one update but I'll try to write more often in those little spaces between  fighting monsters of math and being together with these nice people that surrounds me.

Anyclays This would be it for now, my brain needs to rest for I, myself have volleyball practice tomorrow and without practice we can't beat those seniors.

I'll try to write down funny little episodes and put 'em all in one update. I'll try. No promises haha.