Monday, February 6, 2012

The Campout

Sorry for no promised updates but I've been out in the woods...
Fighting bears with my bare hands. Blindfolded.

Jokes aside - I wasn't blindfolded.
My youth group had organized an only-men/boys trip to a forest nearby for the weekend. It was killer! I really enjoy my youth group and the people in it! I mean it's one of those places where there's only nice people - you can speak your own opinion and some may oppose it but they still respect it. Too mature!! And then there's times where we just fool around, attack each other and tell bad jokes.

Inside the deep forest we had devotionals and talks. We had 'em a couple of times a day and we would talk and discuss subjects concerning being a Christian and following God.

Me being Danish, God's never been a very big picture in my life (no offense to those Danes who disagree), but seeing how serious these people take their religion fascinates me.
On the last night we were arranged in small groups with a leader in each. The leader asked us different questions about dreams, things we would do before we died etc.

I remember one of the last questions were: "What's your favourite color?" I answered "Blue".
He then asked me what I felt when I looked at the color and I said that I felt things like loyalty, tranquility and discipline.

Ask yourself what your favourite color is and ask yourself why.
What would you say if I told you that what you feel about your favourite color reflects what you feel about yourself?

Anychase it was an awesome weekend and it's weekends like those that makes me feel so privileged to experience different cultures in America and learning to understand them.
Someday I might be living here.

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