Monday, February 27, 2012

When things need to be done

You know that feeling when you're looking at your dirty clothes and really aren't feeling the whole cleaning process with washer, dryer and hanging up and ironing... I never heard of it.

Of course I have and it sucks big time! There's dirty clothes around me everywhere and I have a 100 other things that needs to be done... I have letters to be sent, people I need to talk to, things I need to sign up for, money I need to make.

Okay the last one wasn't true but it sounded pretty gangster so I'm gonna stick with it.

But wait! There's help for those in need of it!
I have one advice and one only. Because it works with a bit of will & discipline.
I got it from my dad when I was 6 years old:
"You might as well do it now, because later on, you'll regret not doing it."

I usually just sum it up to the Nike motto: "Just Do It"

And it's so funny because it's true!!

Next time you look at your pile of dirty clothes and have an extra hour of nothing - do it.

I dare ya.

btw this goes for decision-making too.

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