Thursday, February 23, 2012

No doubt, the weirdest day of my life

So going home from Hawaii was sad, bad and depressing...
But the sadness quickly got replaced by weirdness.

It all started when we arrived in San Francisco airport - my home for the next seven hours - my Danish room mate and I decided to see if we could leave the airport to go see the city.
Unfortunately we found out that driving there would take two hours back and forth.

Very depressed, we went back in again. This is where the first really weird thing happened: We were going towards my Victor's gate on those weird flat escalators (they're pretty funny if you're bored, which I was)
And I saw the sun just above the mountains to which I uttered: "Look Victor, the sun's going up!"
He then went silent and said: "Niels, it's going down..."
At first I just laughed because I was confused but he just kept looking at me with this face and I realized my inner clock was messed up bad.

At this point I was pretty uncomfortable with myself. I knew, if I closed my eyes I would wake up an hour later... You know that bad feeling you have right after an unexpected nap? Yeah I had that a couple of times during this trip...

2 hours before my departure from San Francisco I was waiting for one of my Swedish friends to come in from Hawaii and after some small talk he took out a pair of used underwear and looked me in the eyes: "Hey dude, we found Victor's underwear and since he's Danish we figured you're gonna see him again."
So that's how Niels ended up with another guy's used underwear in his bag...

When i finally arrived in Chicago airport I was waiting for my bags when this little kid started crying... I thought: "poor guy".
His mother then walked over to him and the little "bad word for a kid" started pointing at me?!!
I then established eye contact with the mother....
I swear, if eyes could kill...

As if that wasn't enough, on the way to the train station I had to pay 5 bucks for gas and when I walked into the store that's when the big finale was waiting.
First the lady handed me a receipt to which I replied: "Where's the pen?" After some awkward silence I realized it was a receipt and not one of those papers you sign after you pay with card.
Then I quickly said: "Have a good night"
It was 5 o'clock in the morning and I was telling myself: "fail, fail, fail..."

And that's not all! At the train station I had to wait two hours surrounded by homeless people.. I mean I was sad because it was harsh to look at but them but then two old guys starting pointing at me and my suit case mumbling stuff and the empathy quickly turned into mild fright...

For sure the weirdest day of my life... 30 hours of transportation, never again.

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