Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Beautiful Hawai'i

With a large portion of jetlag and a tiny bit of depression I'm home again from an amazing trip to the island of O'ahu.

We were around 10 boys and 50 girls. Not unusual for exchange students since, for some reason, there are always 5 females for each male exchange student.
I lived in room 1404 with the Dane, Victor and the two Swedes, Oscar & Erik.
Awesome guys, we fit well together. I could sense that after about 2 hours when our room already looked like sh*t and we just laughed instead of trying to clean up.

During that week we surfed on the beautiful beach of Waikiki, hiked to the top of the Diamond Head mountain of O'hau, ate at all kinds of places, trying all kinds of foods, got to know eachother better and a whole bunch of other things.
On Valentine's my room mates and I gave our guides (they prefer to be called monitors but who says that?)
Valentine's cards and it was fun especially because they decided to tatoo our names on their arms 2 days later!

We also visited Pearl Harbor - I remember when I saw the movie when I was like 8-years-old - it's a very beautiful place to mourn the dead and to remember what happened December 7. 1941...

But what made all these things even more awesome was the people I was doing it with! I'm trying to keep this
as non-cheesy as possible but to be quite frank I must say I'm already missing you guys.
Done, no more of that schtuff, it's a blog not a place to whine. I got a mom for that.

I'm putting pictures in a new window since there's too many and it seems more organizable than just throwing them in here randomly.

Aloha guys

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