Sunday, March 4, 2012

The 5 golden excuses

I sat in class this week thinking about what I was suppose to answer when my teacher asked me where my vocab was. I didn't answer. Therefor I thought this might be helpful for other exchange students in future cases you do something stupid and need to get out of it fast:

When your host family is freaking out because you served them food for dinner that made them all sick.
- No, no, no. In (insert country) "Best Before 1-11-2012" means "Best Before 1st of November, 2012"

In school when you curse out loud.
- In (insert country) we all have tourettes.

When you were supposed to be home 7 hours ago.
- I was running on (insert time zone in your original country) time.

When you haven't done your home work.
. Oh, in (insert country) we never turn it in. We just... ehm.. make our home work and burn it?

When people ask you, if you did it.
¿Yo no hablo Ingl├ęs?

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