Thursday, April 12, 2012

2 months

With an internet speed that beats snail speed by a jiffy I've finally gotten into my blogspot account (took me about 40 tries, pushing the "refresh" button) and I've decided today's update is going to be about the mixed feelings of departure one experiences when one travels abroad for a year.

It's weird. It's really weird because, personally I'm looking forward to it, and dreading the moment at the same time. I mean, on one hand it's flippin' awesome!! You're gonna see your family and friends again and reconnect and talk about the past year (even though I doubt people are gonna be half as excited to talk about America as I will).

On the other hand what about all the people you barely just met? They're obviously not gonna freeze up and wait for you to come back and you gotta go home no matter what..
I feel like there's so much left to talk about, to do, to go see and to experience.
It's like giving a hundred teddy bears to a baby and then ripping them away from the poor kid after a minute.

Speaking for myself I have 3 weeks off school before it actually ends in Denmark so I have plenty of time to just stare into a wall, trying to realize what just happened because this whole thing kinda feels like a dream.
Not a Wee-I-can-fly-look-at-me kinda dream. It's just unreal.

I don't know about other fez-kids but dropping into a whole new life where you're constantly getting blasted by new stimuli and suffer from culture shock in the beginning, just to acknowledge that you have settled down but not really is somewhat surreal.

And it's over in 2 months.
It feels like a week ago I had 5 months left.

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