Wednesday, April 18, 2012

That Awkward moment

So errybody's had awkward moments before right?

Well this one is definitely in the top 10 of awkard moments of my life. You know what, I'm just gonna call it an AM from now on.

Here it comes.

Sunday, I had a family gathering, a rather large one and distant host family relatives were everywhere to be found. Well, at least 3 times, people came up to me and my family, consisting of my host dad, host mum, host littlebro and me.

"Oh my goooodneeess!! They've grown so much since I last saw them!! You better put bricks on their heads (something they all say)!!"
Then they'd look at me: "And Oooh myyyy, the last time I saw you, you were just a toddler!"

My brother and I looked at eachother, then at the person.

We just smiled. Waiting for some kind of miracle to dissolve the AM.


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  2. Hey, thanks that means a bunch to me! Yea, sure what's this project about? If you don't wanna write it here for whatever reason here's my mail: