Friday, May 4, 2012

When you find yourself in a new situation

That's what happened Monday night for me.

During school that day, one of my good ol' pals Grant came up to me and asked if I wanted to go see his brother perfrom with his band "Kellam" at a mini-concert with a few other bands.

Well, the kind of music they play is not really my type - it's like a delicate mix of screamo, indie rock and hardcore. (Sorry, if I'm incorrect)
Me being more into other genres, everything but that kind of music actually, made me kinda doubt if I wanted to come.
But being an exchange students is all about pushing limits so I thought: "Screw it"

After Track practice I came home, changed my clothes and was picked up by mi amigos and we were on our way to Chesterton!
In my mind I pictured the place as an abandoned barn with loads of emo's, punks and that type of kids.
It wasn't like that. At all.

First, the place was a coffee shop.

Second, the people looked like this.

Now, I thought we'd taken the wrong turn somewhere
because this did not even closely
look like what I had in mind.

But as the night moved on, the bands were getting ready and Kellam was first to perform.

The music was actually pretty good. Music, in general, always sound better when it's live.
People went semi crazy already with Kellam. They started pushing eachother and screaming with the lyrics
and I'm pretty sure one guy fell down to his knees and started punching the floor to the music.

Then a band called "chinxup" came on to the little stage and this time people went a little bit crazier than before. At first I thought it was pretty lame to see how people bashed up against eachother and going nuts but when the third band "Droughts" came on I had the so called "Screw it"-feeling and decided to join the crowd.
Best decision ever.
From the first note to the last all I could think of was "Holy crap, this is awesome!" I don't know what happened but following the rest of the crowd and being so close to the singer was an amazing feeling and everything would've been perfect if not for this one fat kid who kept on trying to crowd surf.

Now, I'm glad I went to the place and I'd love to go one more time before I'm heading home.

 Next time though, I gotta remember to stuff something into my ears because I had tinitus for two days afterwards.

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