Sunday, August 14, 2011

New York and the culture shock!!

So guys this is the written part - the picture part is under this page

New York was pretty much AWESOME! freakin' time of my life!!After 7 hours of actually pretty much entertainment we got off the plane at JFK and found out how many students we actually were. 73 people and 16 out of us were guys haha! It was still really awesome. We lived on the campus of st. Johns University in Queens and they even allowed me to skate there! pretty sweet even though I snapped my board... I was sharing room with a german called Gordon, a Swedish guy called August, a Chinese guy called Yang Zihen, an Italian called Gianmarco and another german called Niklas. They were all really cool to talk to and I'm actually living a couple of miles from August here in Indiana!

I got a feeling that this page will be filled with alot of "awesome's" and "nice's"
We started out with some group exercises to learn a little about each other and while there were groups from 5-10 people from each coutry, the Norwegian people outnumberede us Danish people with over 4-5 times as many people!!! and there were only one Norwegian boy!!!
We went to Manhattan two times and places like Empire State and Times Square etc. were visited! I met alot of sweet people and this experience will probably stick to my brain for the rest of my life.
If you guys read this: Thanks for those 8 days!

Lets go to the next story shall we?
I arrived at the Airport I think, at 12-1 o'clock but when I arrived, my host family weren't there!!!
I thought:"Oh nooes! They forgot me, they don't want me, they don't care about me etc.".
What really happened was that they got stuck in a car accident and were late. That was a huge relief knowing they were forced to come late. anyways we got back from the airport after some driving and the place is awesome!! They've got a basketball court that you can skate on, a HUGE back and front yard and last but not least (probably the best) I haven't gotten any sort of allergic reaction since I got here and Indiana is the kingdom of pollen! I think it has something to do with the change of environment or something but I'm just happy and allergi free right now! My host family is pretty awesome! my host brother, Andrew, 11, Is a really nice guy and I'm having fun with him despite the big gap of age. there are three other siblings but they all moved out. I've met them all and they're really nice too! Linda, my host mom is so sweet and Andy, my host dad got home today after being in Chicago for a while! He's a welding expert and said that we could make skate rails and that kind of schtuff!!
Yesterday evening I went to a summer's end bonfire with a couple of the upcoming juniors. They were so friendly and I even met one of the other exchange students, Zara from Italy. There's gonna be 4 others from Ukraine, Russia, Norway and Spain.
What I didn't get though was, why Zara, who is just as old as me, got to be a senior?!! unfair...

Even though I lived in the city for all my life I really like this landly place! (First day was a shocker though, but I got over it)

Anyhays this place is awesome and if you're considering spending your 10. grade as an exchange student - do it

You will not regret it.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

New York and the culture shock!! (Picture edition)


Times Square! So many lights and weird people! So cool!
                                                 Ate dunkin' donuts!!
And turtles in Central Park!
Doin' some crimeridin'
over-exaggerating at planet hollywood with my exchange siblings
broke my board though...
But I got over it pretty quickly with some other sibling on the Hudson River
And I got a new deck at half the price!
                                          Then we played kind of football - if you can find me I got the respectzz                                                                                
                                          for ya!
And Baseball - loved it!!
Helene, Iben and I. I was probably hungry.

The whole exchange-student-second-prep-camp-2011-family - yeah long last name whatever
Empire State building!!
                                                              Would definitely vote for this guy!
The coolest heroes/celebs magazine!!
Took a cab down to SoHo and finally found the Supreme store!! I'd been waiting for this forever!!
And half litres redbull!
And Old Spice!!!
Me on the plane going to Indianapolis
Me after I saw that pic

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

An Epic Journey Awaits...

Tomorrow I am leaving Denmark for a year and it is going to be awesome but I'm kinda sad to say goodbye to my fwiends...

Anyways... Today, the last day in Denmark I was supposed to go eat brunch with my mom, her boyfriend and my granny but it was going to be much more fun than I'd excpected!!
It all started a minute after we'd sit down when my girlfriend walks by. We invite her in and before i know, my littlesister, who was supposed to be on another island, walks by too! I think: "OMG, What a wild twist of faith!"
Then my cousin, who lives in England walks by too!! I start to see the big picture and realize that this was a surprise party!!
And family from everywhere just started coming!!

Me before:

Imagine what I was looking like after the surprise!

So that was, as said, pretty niiiiice.
After that and up till now I've just been packing schtuff.
I'm still packing schtuff...
And I've got the blues and the butterflies at the same time!
I can feel in my stomach that this is right and I will cut off all the sentimental clichés and jump right to the end!

To my friends: See you next year!
Exchange students who are reading this: Have a nice year in your new country!!
Family who are reading this: Have a nice year in the same country!!

Will update blog with pic's from New York in the upcoming week!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

So many things

Since the last time I wrote, there has been alot of epic scthuff going around (alot!!) !!! (so many exclamation marks) First I am proud to tell you that I have mastered the art of doing a back flip and a front flip on my trampoline!!!

Okay enough with the fooling around it's serious time!
I also achieved the danish certificate of proficiency in yachting... that means i get to sail boaties!

It was really fun sailing despite the fact that I went asleep at two o'clock just to get up 4 hours later to get ready for class. We spent five hours of theory and after a danish lunch, containing rye bread and cucumbers we headed to the boats. The really awesome part of the day was when we passed another ship called: "Fulton".
I thought: "Haven't I heard that name before?". Then I yelled: "PHILLIP, PHILLIP!".
I recalled my cousin saying something about sailing in a big boat with alot of other youngsters.
I hurried down to the radio and called on Fulton
This part will be in danish because of the content:
*Kaptajn - Det er Fulton hvad så?
*Niels - Du snakker med Niels Brandt jeg ville vide om I har en dreng ombord ved navn Phillip Brandt?
*Kaptjan - Ja, hvis dit navn er Brandt så må du nok hellere få skaffet et nyt HØHØ! (haha, den har jeg godt nok aldrig hørt før) Men jeg skal se om jeg kan få fat i ham. høhø...
*Niels - Øhh, tak..
*Phillip - Hallo det er Phillip
*Personlig snak
*Niels - Brugte de også "Brandt-joken" på dig?
*Phillip - Ja.....

I was really thrilled about bumping in to my cousin in the middle of the sea! What are the odds?
After all this yayness and meeting..ness I remembered, that I still nedded to make 10.000 and had a depression and went out tgo my trampoline to practice my non-human-like skills

But that's a looong time ago!
At this point there are two days till the New York trip and a year in the US!
Haven't really had time to write until now and the stuff above me is a couple of weeks old...
but I'm back in blogging mode now! I've said goodbye to alot of people and I can't believe that I'm leaving in 2 days! I'll try to spare all the sentimental cliché's and focus on other things.

Like my permanent host family! The Odle's they are nice and friendly and my host dad loves fishing and hunting so when I come back to Denmark I'll be a true beast!

I will try to write twice every week but at there's alot of things at this point soooo.

And to all of you exchange students who are reading this, I wish you alot of "exchanging" and a fun year!