Wednesday, August 3, 2011

An Epic Journey Awaits...

Tomorrow I am leaving Denmark for a year and it is going to be awesome but I'm kinda sad to say goodbye to my fwiends...

Anyways... Today, the last day in Denmark I was supposed to go eat brunch with my mom, her boyfriend and my granny but it was going to be much more fun than I'd excpected!!
It all started a minute after we'd sit down when my girlfriend walks by. We invite her in and before i know, my littlesister, who was supposed to be on another island, walks by too! I think: "OMG, What a wild twist of faith!"
Then my cousin, who lives in England walks by too!! I start to see the big picture and realize that this was a surprise party!!
And family from everywhere just started coming!!

Me before:

Imagine what I was looking like after the surprise!

So that was, as said, pretty niiiiice.
After that and up till now I've just been packing schtuff.
I'm still packing schtuff...
And I've got the blues and the butterflies at the same time!
I can feel in my stomach that this is right and I will cut off all the sentimental clich├ęs and jump right to the end!

To my friends: See you next year!
Exchange students who are reading this: Have a nice year in your new country!!
Family who are reading this: Have a nice year in the same country!!

Will update blog with pic's from New York in the upcoming week!

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