Saturday, August 13, 2011

New York and the culture shock!! (Picture edition)


Times Square! So many lights and weird people! So cool!
                                                 Ate dunkin' donuts!!
And turtles in Central Park!
Doin' some crimeridin'
over-exaggerating at planet hollywood with my exchange siblings
broke my board though...
But I got over it pretty quickly with some other sibling on the Hudson River
And I got a new deck at half the price!
                                          Then we played kind of football - if you can find me I got the respectzz                                                                                
                                          for ya!
And Baseball - loved it!!
Helene, Iben and I. I was probably hungry.

The whole exchange-student-second-prep-camp-2011-family - yeah long last name whatever
Empire State building!!
                                                              Would definitely vote for this guy!
The coolest heroes/celebs magazine!!
Took a cab down to SoHo and finally found the Supreme store!! I'd been waiting for this forever!!
And half litres redbull!
And Old Spice!!!
Me on the plane going to Indianapolis
Me after I saw that pic

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