Thursday, October 13, 2011

2 months of epic proportions!

2 months.... feels more like 2 days... then again it feels like ages since I stepped off the plane in Indy.

Prepare for ultimate reflection-time!

Where to start. That is the question.
First off I will say that of course it hasn't been one long joy-ride! It's been wonderful of course and it still is and I hope it will continue to be! But there's been times where I missed the good old days with family and friends. You know who you are! You really realize what you've got once it's not there anymore

And the people over here! GOSH! You guys are fantastic!

anywyas let us move past the sentimental stuff shall we?

I'd figure that you guys wanted some stories!
The third Friday I was here Steve and Cody asked me if I wanted to go to McDonald's and I thought,"Hey! Why not?" Things turned out a whole other way than I imagined!
First off those poons left me when I went to the rest room?!! I went outside looking for them but they were gone! Then they show up 15 minutes later cracking up and laughing at me. I found out Bruce was the brain behind this and I also got the chance to get back at him!
Let's just say one should not let his Danish friend alone with one's car and plastic foil....

Oh and Homecoming of course! Homecoming week was the best! We had a twin day where Nick and I (Whom have said we look like twins too many times) decided to dress up! At each lunch we would have different games where points could get earned between the classes but as usual the Seniors won and Friday was Homecoming dance = awesomeness.

Speaking of Seniors. I started out as a Juniormon but after a while I thought that I'd like to graduate and I evolved to a Seniormon!

Cross Country's over... It was sweet to run and especially with those people - we had our own little running-family (I'd like to consider myself big mamma). I'm going to miss those early Saturday mornings where we ran meets.

But when one door's closed another one opens. Time to pick the next sport. Wrestling, Basket ball, and Swimming.

Please bear with me on this one, but time is going too fast.

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