Saturday, October 1, 2011

Throwback and The Bet!

Today we had "Throwback day" at our Cross Country meet where we dress up like runners in the 80's. That involved head bands, tube socks, and a ridicilous amount of sweat bands.

On my team my buddy Mark and agreed that if I ran 5 km in 18 min. and he ran in 19 min. We would give each other a hug.

If I didn't run in the 18's but he did, he would get to slap me twice in the face and vice versa.

If we both didn't accomplish anything --> one slap for each person.

I look pretty excited haha.

That one kind of hurt though... :(

Nothing like a gentleman's handshake afterwards haha!

Btw, he told the judge before the race that his wig was real hair and the judge believed him?!!

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