Friday, July 1, 2011

Trip to Askø

First I would like to thank you guys for the interest you showed this blog when I published it. Gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling in my stomach (or it may've just been those tacos. Anyways).

Wrote this a bit ago before everything was ready. Got some other stories too. I'll just submit them after each other. Enjoy.

The first week of Summer was dedicated to a trip to the island Askø with mah buddies.

It was the second time we'd go to Askø, being exactly 364 days since the last time we'd been there! (Nice detail) It was a great trip - Askø only has like a population of 50 inhabitants so it was surreal to return to Copenhagen with all those cars and humans running around everywhere!

Askø has a stunning nature and every single time I passed by an ocean view I felt like:

We had alot of fun, including cooking all kinds of food and exploring every single corner of the island.
The people over there were just as nice and friendly as the last time we visited and it's kind of cool being accepted so quick into a small community.

The way back home was hilarious! First we sailed back to the "main land" and 5 metres before we hit the harbor, the bus, we were supposed to be on, drove away...

When we finally got on to the train, some guy decided to harass everyone and everything (at one point he was dissing a piece of thrash, telling it to leave the train).
We named him "Ernst".

When I finally got home I went to sleep at 2 AM and woke up 4 AM to leave Copenhagen at 8 AM to visit my dad. Fell asleep in the train and when I reached the last station, where I was supposed to meet with my dad, I was still asleep so the train drove back.... A travel that should take 20 minutes took 50.....

Probably gonna make an album with  pictures from the trip.

By the way, guess what stood in the hall when I came home:

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