Thursday, November 10, 2011

Chicago, Mac Miller and hook ups with exchange kids

Last Saturday I went to a meet up with the other exchange kids and wow. So weird seeing how people have grown in two months. Another thing I thought about was the connection we shared - we are all together in this whole exchange thing and it's like being part of a small family with no parents. I'm the grand dad though..
Asians, Africans, Europeans, and South americans!

Two days later, that's right!! Monday I got off school and on the train to Chicago, Illinois!! A little bit too early but I guess you can see that on our faces.

American graffiti

Tall buildings
That tunnel was too fun to yell in!

Shedd Aquarium

Entre dish for 4 persons!

Andy and Andrew with the Chicago pizzza that we couldn't eat up haha.

Bicycles <3 I've missed you
8th of November was a day filled with realease! MW3 and Mac Miller's new album Blue Slide Park!! Ive been waiting for that dang album forever! Anyglaze it's really really really good! A couple of the songs were already released but especially "Diamonds & Gold", "Missed Calls", & "Under the Weather" are really good songs!

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